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Vine Burgers

vine burgersJames Byus III, owner of Vine Burgers, joins Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger in the studio on California Wine Country today.

Before we talk to James, Dan Berger has brought a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc from his extensive cellar. It’s a bit old for a Sauvignon Blanc but it is “tasty, interesting,” says Dan. On Monday, Dan will begin selling his own Bahl Fratty Riesling, online at the website only. There are 95 cases and bottles are priced at $38.

James Byus III from Vine Burgers is in today, with hamburgers to pair with wine and craft beer. He had a lot of restaurant experience and he thought there was a place for “premium” hamburgers. He opened Vine Burgers in March of 2022. They use all fresh local ingredients. All the vegetables are fresh. They do use fresh Grana Padano cheese (from northern Italy) on the Caesar Salad. The beef that they use is from a local producer, 100% grass fed, sustainably farmed, a third generation farmer.

“We slice every single pickle on your burger.” James Byus III

A Burger & a Glass of Wine

Naturally, James has brought some burgers to the show and first is the basic beef burger. They start with a 6-ounce patty, spiced inside and out, and cook it mid-rare-to-medium. This one is a cheeseburger with white cheddar. There are sauces, a creamy avocado, homemade chipotle barbeque sauce and chipotle aioli. With this they are tasting a white wine blend, made by Sans Liege in Paso Robles. It is mostly Viognier with other blending grapes. James finds obscure wineries with delicious wine that he puts on the wine list at Vine Burgers. He has also brought a Red Car Chard.

James describes his wine list. They have a house red and white, about 6 other reds and whites, plus a port, a reserve, a sparkling, a sweet Riesling. The wine list evolves from time to time with new entries. There is no corkage fee and these two facts make Vine Burgers a haven for wine lovers.

Dan Berger is very enthusiastic about the Vine Berger wine program. The place is unique in its evolving wine list and superb quality food.  Dan digs the effect on the local culture since it shows great wine to the average diner.


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