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Breggo Cellars’ Doug Stewart

breggo cellars

Dan and Doug

Breggo Cellars and Lichen Estate owner Doug Stewart joins Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger on California Wine Country.

Breggo means ‘sheep’ in Boontling, probably derived from the Spanish word borego. Here is another Mendocino County wine with a Boontling name. It is like Dan Berger’s brand name of his new Riesling production. That is called Bahl Fratty, which is Boontling for “good wine.”

Doug Stewart is also the head of the Anderson Valley Winegrowers. They are promoting the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival, May 17-19. Get your tickets early!

Doug has brought several wines from Breggo Cellars and his other label, Lichen Estate. They are tasting a sparkling wine, a Lichen 2015 Blanc de Gris, made of Pinot Gris, which is fruity but with none of Pinot Gris’s usual aftertaste. Dan notices that it is barely into its prime and is really delicious.

Breggo Cellars is located up in Mendocino County. You have to take Highway 128 which is one of the most beautiful roads in the state of California. Dan Berger explains how Anderson Valley is an ideal place to grow cool-climate varieties of wine grapes, and Pinot Noir is the big one. There is a lot of excellent Pinot Noir coming from there and because the region is not as well known. There are wines selling for about $30 which are just like other wines that cost twice as much.

Pinot Noir and Gewurtztraminer like the cold.

Doug explains that Pinot Noir was the only grape that would ripen, on the valley floor. There are Gewurtztraminer vineyards planted there because conditions are ideal. As they are tasting one, Dan “Lay It Down” Berger says that it will be better with time in the bottle, big surprise.

Doug talks a little about how they are also working to revive the salmon population in the local rivers.

They are open 11am to 4pm. Dan recommends taking an extra day, and to stay overnight, because it is so remote. There is a limited number of restaurants but they are excellent. There is a wine shop called Disco Ranch there too.

May 17-19 is the Pinot Festival. Tickets are going fast, so check asap before it sells out. Doug has also brought a 2021 Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley, grown in Farrington Vineyard, called Fathers and Daughters. Dan suggests decanting it for a whole day.  Doug tells about how the quality of Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs has improved in the last 20 years.

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