We are proud that California Wine Country received 3 nominations in the 9th annual (2018) Taste Awards competition, for Best Single Topic Series, Best Podcast and Best Radio Program.  California Wine Country has won twice at the Taste Awards, which celebrate the year’s best achievements in TV, radio, podcasts, film, online video, apps and photography, covering the subjects of Food, Fashion, Health, Lifestyle and Travel.

In 2015, the show won for Best Critic or Review Series. (At the time, the show ran under its previous name, which was Wine Wednesdays.) Steve Jaxon was present and received his award in front of the assembled audience.

In 2017, California Wine Country collected its second Taste Award, this time winning The Ferrarra Flame Award for Best City or Regional Program.

At the awards ceremony on a hotel rooftop in Beverly Hills, California, Dylan Brody accepted the award and delivered this emphatic message on behalf of his friend Steve, “Remember, that in these times of falsification of reality and expressions of poor taste at the highest levels of our government, we are the taste makers and it is our duty, our responsibility and our never ending battle, to uphold and defend good taste in every arena.”

taste awards california wine country

Dylan Brody (right) about to accept California Wine Country’s 2017 Taste Award.