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Bob Cabral with Mark Tchelistcheff

bob cabral mark tchelistcheff


Mark Tchelistcheff is also here today with Bob Cabral on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. He is the grand-nephew of André Tchelistcheff, the great winemaker. He is the author of a film “André, The Voice of Wine,” a documentary about André’s influential career and his love of wine. André’s enduring legacy is primarily in the many other great winemakers that he trained. There was great wine coming from California even in the late 1800s. After Prohibition, André was perhaps the one most influential winemaker in California after his arrival in late 1938.

Dan Berger mentions that André made Riesling, just as Dan does now. The first dry Riesling that Dan really liked was one that André had made at Beaulieu Vineyards. The Bob Cabral Riesling they are tasting is a 2018 called Meadowfoam. This one is completely dry with no residual sugar. It is made in a concrete egg-shaped vessel. Concrete is neutral, especially when treated with tartaric acid. Dan says it is a longer and more difficult process but is worth it. The proof is that at 5 years old, this wine has not reached its peak yet.

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You can see Mark’s documentary at the film’s website, called André The Voice of Wine dot com. 

Mark talks about how Georges de Latour (a French winemaker who had settled in California) hired André after Prohibition.

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The rest of the show is a combination of stories about André and tasting some more of Bob Cabral’s wines.

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