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Tom Simoneau has brought two guests from Treasury Wine Estates, Tamara Stanfill, PR Manager and Ming Alterman, Director of Digital. First, Tom mentions the talking wine bottles, which Steve promises we will get into, in detail. But first Steve asks them to talk about Treasury Wine Estates. It is based in Australia and they own a lot of historic wineries in California like Beringer, Sterling and Chateau St. Jean. They also own brands in Australia like 19 Crimes. Tom’s most fun wine of the year last year was 19 Crimes. Tamara explains that the convicts that were shipped to Australia are featured on the bottle labels. The convicts, if convicted of one of 19 crimes, were offered execution or to be shipped to Australia. In the studio they play the label of the Shiraz bottle with John O’Reilly and his crime. It’s “AR” for Augmented Reality. When you put your phone near the bottle, the label comes to life. You have to download the app at Living Wine Label.

treasury wine estates

Living Wine Labels.

First they pour a Chardonnay. The “Embrazened” line celebrates accomplished women, this one features Celia Cruz, the great singer. When you put your phone up to the label, you see a little video of Celia Cruz talking about how she was the first woman on her recording label and went on to become the most popular salsa recording artist of the last century. They also have Josephine Baker and Nelly Bly on Living Wine Labels, which will be appearing in wine stores soon.

They also taste a canned wine. Dan Berger tells that canned wine was first tried in the 1940s and today it is making a comeback.

Steve asks Ming to explain how to make the Living Wine Labels work, he explains you need to download their app then just hold the phone up to the label. The one called Walking Dead will look like a zombie attack that will break the screen of your phone (but not really!).  They are tasting the Walking Dead 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Steve gives livingwinelabels dot com, to download the app. One of the Beringer labels shows an 1876-era newspaper about the Beringer brothers who founded the winery. Next they taste the Beringer Boubon barrel aged chardonnay. That aging gives the wine a richer character. Dan says it’s an interesting concept wine for the millennial buyer. It is a big rich bold wine, soft and very richly flavored. The aftertaste leans on the barrel component, which is more then he prefers. Tom Simoneau says it almost has a Cola flavored finish.

Tom notes that at this time of year, the winemakers are busy with harvest and crush, so the PR and marketing people like Tamara and Ming can come on the show today. Tom is watching his own vineyard right now and is carefully monitoring the Brix values of his grapes and may harvest next Tuesday. He says the roads will be full of grape trucks now.

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